DIY Rice Cooker Hot Towels

Hot Towel Cabinets are an expensive salon investment if they’re not something you use on the daily. But, did you realise you can easily create the same effect in an affordable rice cooker?

This, is my $15 Kmart Rice Cooker and other than the cooker itself, all you need – is the towels. Now, you do want to find one that comes with a steaming tray for the purpose of salon towels.

  • Simply fill around a third of the rice container with warm water
  • Wet your towels in the temperature that you want them to remain
  • Roll and wring out
  • Place in the steaming tray
  • Place the lid on
  • Turn your cooker to warm
  • Wait 10-15 minutes before use

This handy trick is a fantastic option for people that only need a few towels at a time, or sparingly throughout your salon week.

Can you believe it’s that simple!