Are Ebay Nail Dust Fans Worth It?

Short answer: YES. Why? Because SOME dust collection is better than NONE. So congratulations on taking the first step in giving thought to where ALL-your-dust is going.

Today, I’m comparing two cheap nail dust fan options that I have personally used in my salon. Starting with this one:

This one was around $90. This is the first fan I ever purchased and I opted for the best I could afford at the time, of the cheaper options. This same fan is available on both Ebay and AliExpress.

I chose it because it has three fans. And three fans sounded better than one to me! The overall shape and padded arm rest area appealed to me, it looked comfortable and lets face it, it doesn’t look as cheap as it is.

Half of the this dust fan is a pvc fake leather like material and the tech side is plastic with a squared grate and the hand rest at the highest point sits at around 11cm. The dust bags attach by gathered elastic around the base. The dust bags are a good size and shape (which I’ll come back to later) and the simple, on-off switch is within easy reach on one side.

SO…. why did I then opt to try a different fan after using this?
As I started doing more acrylics and re-balances where you’re removing more bulk, I didn’t feel that the acrylic was actually able to fall into the square shaped grate very well. The little squares seemed too small and the roundness of the fan itself didn’t seem to allow for the best collection of dust in the direction that it naturally falls. Basically, I found I was sweeping and wiping up too much dust still after using this. It also began to look really worn as any contact with acetone quickly melted the plastic beyond repair.

So next came this little fan:

This fan was around $40. This one has only one fan, but it’s a bigger fan and the grate surrounding it is much more open.

The entire dust fan is covered in that same kind of pvc leather-look material, other than the plastic fan which you’d have to have a really big acetone slip to damage. Deceptively, it’s actually the same height as the previous fan and surprisingly, I was shocked that clients found this one much more comfortable to lean on.

One slight downside, is that that on-off switch is tucked around the back. Slightly more awkward to reach around and get to and the dust bags provided are too long. About two thirds too long. To fully function and collect air and help with the drawing in of your nail dust, the entire bag needs to be able to ‘inflate’ if you will. So I have folded up and stitched each of the three bags it comes with smaller. You need to change the bag more often, but it helps with collection and means hardly any dust over spill. The shape and angle of the fan allows for much better collection.

Not surprisingly, I have a winner…

  • The internal fan is a better size
  • The grate is open enough to allow for good dust collection
  • The entire fan is covered in a more acetone proof material
  • My clients are finding it much more comfortable to lean on
  • and most importantly, it does a good job…. for a cheapie 🙂

Let’s be real, this is not collecting all the fine dust that both techs and clients will still be inhaling or overly helping with acrylic and polish fumes but, like I said, for now, something is better than nothing.