Sugared Nail using Nail Pigment Powders

Who doesn’t love a sugared, sparkly nail!? and it’s even more effective when an iridescent glitter is placed over bright, neon colours, illuminating the colours in all it’s glittery glory! Here’s how to re-create this look!

(Onto a prepped and cured, base coated nail)

  1. Apply 2x coats of any light coloured background colour and CURE. (This colour won’t be seen on the final nail)
  2. Onto the inhibition layer of the second colour coat, adhere your pigment powders. Use a fluffy brush in between each colour application to dust away any excess pigment powder
  3. Top coat and CURE
  4. Apply a NO-WIPE, soak-off top coat and over this wet layer, sprinkle iridescent glitter over to cover the entire nail and CURE
  5. Dust off any excess glitter. You can be quite forceful. The glitter is set into the top coat and won’t be going anywhere anytime soon!
  6. Cap the free edge with your standard top coat and CURE
  7. Cleanse the capped free edge to complete your bright, sugared nail!

Gelish Pink Smoothie (Baby Pink)

BornPretty Neon Pigment Powders –
Fluffy Brush –
Gelish Top It Off
Lecente Layer It
Lecente Golden White Iridescent Fine Glitter