Stamping with Nail Pigment Powders

Whilst you can ombre stamping polishes to achieve a similar look to this, what if you don’t have the colour you want? Well, you CAN stamp with nail pigment powders. Not all stamping plates, and not all pigment powders, but we’ll get to that in a second 😉 Here’s the steps to achieve this look

(Onto a prepped and base coated nail)

  1. Apply 2x coats of your chosen background colour. CURE
  2. LEAVE the inhibition layer on. The pigment needs something to adhere to! You’re going to want to use a well etched stamping plate for this (which not all plates are,) so the powder can get into all the grooves of your design properly. You’re also going to want a heavy pigment powder. Glitters and thinner, lighter pigments don’t tend to work….  Place the pigment straight onto the plate. More of a patting motion, rather than rubbing. Use your scrapper to ensure all pigment is off the raised area of the plate where you do not want pigment to sit. Roll your stamper over the pigment as you would when using a stamping polish and press the design down and onto the nail
  3. Seal the pigment in with a structure gel or top coat
  4. Top coat, CURE and cleanse to finish

Gelish Pink Smoothie (Baby Pink)
BornPretty Neon Pigment Set –
Gelish Structure Gel
Gelish Top It Off