Rain Drop Effect using Nail Pigments

This rain drop effect using gel polish and nail pigment powders is a fun pop of colour . It’s also slightly textile with the raised dots creating some eye catching dimension. Here’s how to re-create it!

(Onto a prepped and cured, base coated nail)

  1. 2x coats of chosen background colour and CURE
  2. 1x coat transparent pink and CURE
  3. Onto the inhibition layer of this pink, adhere your nail pigment powders to the entire nail surface. Use a fluffy brush in between each colour to dust away excess powder, wiping it on a paper towel between each use
  4. Using a striping brush, dab drops of top coat over the nail. Focus on areas where two or more colours meet at the edges for a more dramatic final effect and CURE
  5. Cleanse the nail to remove all powder not sealed by the top coat. This is where the magic happens and your colourful rain drops will be revealed!
  6. Finish with a final top coat and CURE to complete the nail

*NOTE: You could use a top coat at step 2 and leave your nail completed after step 5 but personally, I always prefer to double top coat any and all nail art for better wear for busy clients.

Gelish Mint of Spring (Mint Green)
Gelish Sheer Pink

Gelish Top it Off
BornPretty Neon Pigments – https://bit.ly/2lRf4By
BornPretty Fluffy Brush – http://bit.ly/2ssZX1X
BornPretty Striping Brush – http://bit.ly/2s8oLg9