Neon Smoke Effect using Nail Pigment Powders

It’s a definite trend right now, the neon smoke nail. The dark, black background, the neon

powders over a bright white that makes them pop even brighter. It was always gonna be a winner. So here’s how to re-create the look!

(Onto a prepped and cured base coated nail)

  1. Apply 2x coats black gel polish and CURE
  2. Cleanse the inhibition layer well. We don’t want any pigment sticking where it doesn’t belong!
  3. Wipe the majority of polish OFF your white gel polish brush and use the side of the brush to make a squiggle across or down the nail. This step need not be fussy! DO NOT CURE YET.
  4. Take a brush of your choice and use acetone to disperse the colour. Fade and dilute some areas, and not others for a more natural looking smokey effect. CURE
  5. Adhere your pigment powders to the inhibition layer of the white. Use a fluffy brush in between each colour to dust away any excess pigment powder and wipe this on a paper towel between each use
  6. Seal your pigments in with a structure gel or top coat
  7. Top coat to finish your design

Gelish Black Shadow
Gelish Arctic Frost
Born Pretty Neon Pigment Set –
Fluffy Brush –
Gelish Structure Gel
Gelish Top It Off