Buff to Matte Finish Technique

No matte top coat? or, just haven’t found one that you like, that stays matte? Luckily for you, with this super easy technique, matte top coat is one less product you need in your kit. Here’s how to achieve a matte finish with your standard gel polish essentials…

(Onto a prepped and base coated nail)

  1. Apply 2-3 colour coats of gel polish. Curing between each layer
  2. Top coat. Cure
  3. Apply a second layer of your normal, gel polish top coat. Cure
  4. Cleanse inhibition layer
  5. Buff lightly with a 180 grit soft sponge buffer. Just enough to remove shine
  6. Cleanse

TIP! Don’t apply cuticle oil to matte nails immediately following a service. The oils can absorb and create a shiny finish – which defeats the purpose!