Ombre Acrylic Application

Pink and white acrylic ombre / fades are so beautiful and a lovely wedding classic . It’s also not as hard as it may look! If you’ve mastered my cover-to-pink blend application, you’ll adapt to this version with no trouble!

When it comes to creating a soft, natural blend between the two colours, the colours themselves that you use, are very important. I prefer to use a custom blend for both the pink and white. My recipes can be created using the core powders from any acrylic range. You’ll notice that translucent pink is used in both recipes. This consistency helps to create a smooth and seamless blend between the two colours.

1st Bead – Ombre White
This bead needs to be big enough to cover from just before the natural free edge to the end of your intended extension
2nd Bead – Ombre White
This bead is is super small. Its purpose is to simply blend the white further back the nail.
Could you just use a larger 1st bead in the first place? Yes, of course. But doing it this way means you can focus solely on shape and structure of your extension edge in white with your 1st bead. And with the 2nd, focus simply on fading and blending while the bead is still nice and wet without the rush and pressure of adding shape in there too!
3rd Bead – Ombre Pink
This is what would typically be your “2nd Bead” when doing the 3 ball method. Application as if it were so applies here. This bead will drag over your white. This adds to the softness of the overall look, but also some will file away during your finish filing
4th Bead – Ombre Pink
This is your standard cuticle sized bead

See my step-by-step video above!