Cover to Clear Acrylic Blend – 3 Ball Acrylic Application

A Cover-to-Clear Acrylic Blend is a very natural looking, ombre technique that uses an opaque, cover pink at the free edge and fades seamlessly to a clear or translucent pink at the cuticle area.

Cover-to-clear acrylic blends are my go-to for new, sculptured sets and I have FIVE great reasons for this.

  1. The darker and opaque nature of a cover pink used to extend a nail using a sculpting form allows you to better see the shape you are building to ensure strength and no missed corners where your extension meets the natural nail free edge
  2.  This technique is a must for nail biters as you can extend the nail without seeing the real length of the natural nail below. This is especially important if they also don’t wish to finish with a colour, but a clear top coat instead. It’s also a great option for clients that just want a short, ‘natural’ extension
  3. Keeping the cover pink only where needed at the free edge means the body of the nail remains transparent enough to allow for you to keep an eye on your clients nail health eg, things like bacterial infections etc.
  4. For clients that do opt for a clear top coat finish, the transparent cuticle area allows for subtle regrowth of the natural nail without a sharp contrast between acrylic and natural nail
  5. When clients want to switch up a routine of coloured gel polish finishes for something like negative space nail art, the transparent body of the nail allows for a natural look beneath the art

See my step-by-step video above!