3D Acrylic Roses

Acrylic Roses are not as hard as they may seem. With little experience in 3D work, in just a couple of hours practice, I was banging out 3D Roses like this one below! Let me walk you through the steps.

The secret to creating 3D Acrylic Flowers is to add a few drops of acetone in your monomer. It will help the acrylic dry out faster meaning you can continuously work the acrylic without pausing and waiting until the acrylic is at its mould-able stage.

  1. Place your first bead of acrylic to one side of the nail and allow this to settle
  2. Push your brush up from the bottom of the bead towards the centre
  3. Shimmy your brush side to side to create a sausage shape as in image 3
  4. Wait for the acrylic to turn matte and press the acrylic flat keeping the tip of your brush in the centre of the flower and using the side of your brush to press outwards
  5. Using the side of the brush will create the indentations that create texture
  6. Repeat to create a 3 leaf clover type outline. For extra texture, these can overlap
  7. Now create a second layer of petals, this time placing them across the join of petals above
  8. Depending on the size of your flower, you may only need two, like I have in image 8
  9. Place a bead in the centre of your flower and allow this to settle. Use the tip of your brush to keep it from spreading as it polymerizes
  10. Press the tip of your brush into the centre of the bead
  11. Swirl your brush to create the outline of a circle and use the side of your brush to push these edges outwards
  12. Finally to finish, place another tiny bead in the centre and depending on the size, you can swirl your brush or even create a tiny spiral to complete the centre of the rose

Depending on the size of the rose, you may only need one outer layer of petals but either way, you’ll see that this design is super flat and would be suitable for encapsulation.

Now that you’re familiar with how to mould and press the acrylic, try adding some flowers to the side of the flower to cover more nail. These are a great nail art add-on that don’t take long to create but creates an instant WOW factor for your clients.